image was taken on a Scenic Photography Workshop in the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York, during the peak of fall foliage. The vivid red
	colors are from Maple trees, and the yellows are from yellow maples and birches. IMAGE OF FROG UP CLOSE: There are many different types of Nature
	 Photography. Scenic photography, wildlife photography, Wild Bird photography, Wildflower photography, Macro photography, etc. . This photo is an
	 example of Macro photography of a bullfrog during a Macro photography Workshop in the Adirondack region of New York State. The frog fills the
	 frame with the eyes very prominently displayed, the image is sharply focused, and properly exposed. IMAGE OF WHITETAIL DEER: This is a photograph
	 of a mature eight point whitetail deer buck. It was taken with a telephoto lens and you can clearly see the tell tale white rump patch that
	 gives the whitetailed deer its name. Many Nature photographers pursue deer as photographic subjects because they are easily found throughout
	 much of North America. IMAGE OF PINE FLOWER: Many Nature photographers have certain things that they especially like to photograph, for
	 instance, wildflowers, and some Nature photography Workshops have a primary focus on different types of Nature photography. This image is an
	 example of Macro photography, and also of Wildflower photography. It is a close up photograph of a Tamarack flower, at the peak of its bloom.
         IMAGE OF COMMON LOON ON NEST: Another favorite subject for Nature photographers are wild birds, and in the Northeastern part of the United
	 States and also in Canada, the Common Loon is a sought after prize for Nature photographers. This Common Loon is sitting on its nest,
	 incubating its eggs. The photograph was taken with a telephoto lens, which is an important tool for Nature photographers seeking to maintain a
	 safe distance from their subjects to avoid spooking them. IMAGE OF FUNGUS AND LEAF: Some nature photographers specialize in wildlife
	 photography, some on bird photography, some on scenic photography, but on this Nature photography workshop the focus was on Macro photography,
	 and this image of shelf fungus and a maple leaf on a log was taken. LOGO IMAGE OF KNEELING PHOTOGRAPHER: This Nature photographer is kneeling
	 down to get on a level with his photographic subject. His camera and lens are mounted on a tripod. It is critical, when using a long telephoto
	 lens, for Nature photographers to always try and use a tripod, in order to insure sharply focused images.