Bosque del Apache!
Nature Photo Tours
The Morning Fly Out of Waterfowl is Usually a Spectacular Sight!

The Bosque del Apache is a special place that every nature photographer should visit at least once.

Located just south of Socorro, New Mexico, the Bosque del Apache is one of the jewels of the National Wildlife Refuge system. Comprised of over 50,000 acres, the Bosque del Apache is a wintering ground for 12,000 plus Sandhill cranes, and over 30,000 Snow geese and Ross geese. Additionally there are dozens of other bird species, including Bald eagles, turkeys, a variety of duck species, road runners and more. It’s also not usual to see mule deer, and coyotes during your visit.

Nature Photo Tours

We should have great opportunities for images of birds in their natural settings !

You’ll often have beautiful “fly outs” of geese in the morning framed against a dramatic sunrise, and also opportunities for the “fly ins” late in the day against gorgeous sunsets, with chances for birds silhouetted against beautiful reflected colors on the water as well.


Nature Photo Tours

The Bosque del Apache is also a Fantastic Place  for Waterfowl Portaits and to Practice Flight Shooting !


If the weather cooperates with some cold mornings, perhaps some opportunities with dramatic mist adding to the spectacular bird life. We’ll also take some time to explore some scenic opportunities , whether it’s isolating an interesting tree or the broader landscape surrounding the Bosque del Apache.

Due to the “target rich” environment at the Bosque del Apache, it’s one of the best places in the country to hone your photographic skills, and have repetition help embed those skills in your “muscle memory” as we like to call it. It’s a great place to practice flight shooting, exposure compensation, using fill flash, and to explore and more fully understand shutter speed and depth of field and more. We'll be working with you on all those things and more.

In addition to the fantastic shooting at the Bosque del Apache, we'll probably have a morning of photographing Wood ducks in Albuquerque.

Our guides have been shooting at the Bosque del Apache for many years. Come join us, visit this wonderful location and become a better photographer while enjoying one of the best National Wildlife Refuges in the country.


Still learning about Nature Photography and your camera equipment?  No worries!

Need help on the basics? Don't be shy about it!  We're here to help you to become a better photographer. To help you gain experience and to give you the photographic instruction you need to help you improve your nature photography skills !  

Regardless of what you may need assistance on, understanding histograms, composition, exposure, camera settings and functions, understanding color space, shutter speed, aperture, exposure, using filters, we're there to assist you with all of that and more !  If there's some down time on Workshops we often go over image processing with Photoshop and Lightroom.
Whatever your level of photographic skill, our Photography Workshop Leaders are intent on helping you go home with great images from our Workshop!

Not on a Workshop but need some help with image processing? We offer one on one remote learning on Photoshop and Lightroom, where we connect with you via your computer and teach you the image processing skills you need to know!

As with all of our Workshops, you get two FREE prints of any image of your choice that you shoot on the Workshop (Choose from 8x10, 11X14 or 12X18 print sizes). They'll be printed by a local Professional Photo Lab and mailed to you. These prints will be printed on a Chromira Digital LED Printer, which was judged to be the best continuous tone printer in the World.

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Fee does not include transportation, lodging or meals except as noted above. Participants are responsible for arranging their own transportation, lodging and meals, although we typically will have recommended hotels for lodging with a block of rooms set aside for Workshop participants.

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